Happy New Year

2018 Reorganization Meeting

Mayor Brian Gallagher presided over the borough’s annual reorganization meeting on New Year’s Day at the Somerville High School auditorium. Dennis Sullivan and Fred Wied were sworn in to Borough Council by new County Clerk Steve Peter. Granville Brady received the nod as council president for the coming year. With great pride Mayor Gallagher presented the 2017 Citizen of the Year Award to Fr. Ron Pollock of St. John’s Episcopal Church. Fire Chief Presentations and Oaths were administered by Clerk-Administrator, Kevin Sluka. Before over 100 committee and liaison appointments were recognized, Mayor Gallagher administered his bittersweet farewell address. With an unmatched love for Somerville, he left us with message that will echo though the years. 

"It is the goal of every Mayor to leave the borough in better shape then when they came into office. I hope that my history proves that true. But today's address is not so much about the physical structure and success of Somerville, It is about the people. After you have been mayor for as long as I have, you realize that the true success points are people. And it's not about controlling people, It's about letting them run with their ideas. It's not about saying no. It's about how we can get to yes. and it's not about identity politics, it's about how can we get it done for Somerville."

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